Carbon Cleaning - How it works and why its required.

Engine carbon deposits have a measurable effect on performance, emissions and fuel economy. Routine carbon cleaning has been shown to prevent these problems, and remedial cleaning removes more severe deposits that have already formed. Carbon deposits have been a problem for the Internal combustion engine since it was invented. It is a known fact that carbon deposits in Internal Combustion Engines reduce engine performance, reduce fuel efficiency, shorten engine/equipment/parts life and increase engine out emissions. In the quest to improve engine performance, reduce pollutants in the atmosphere and increase engine fuel efficiency. Governments all over the world are increasing emission regulations.

To meet these ever increasing regulations manufacturers are employing additional emission controls to the Internal Combustion engines. Simply put, the manufactures are asking the Internal combustion engine to do more things than it was ever designed to do. As a result, the carbon deposit problem has become more frequent and severe, creating a whole new set of problems and challenges. Many technicians and managers are well aware that severe combustion chamber carbon build up can create significant drive ability issues with today’s engines. It’s all too rare, however, for them to focus on the fact that carbon build up and slowly deteriorating injector performance is a gradual process that not only affects engine performance but fuel economy as well. Despite this info, the vast majority of these potential issues remain unsolved.

We are fully mobile & can come to your Home or Workplace. We use the latest Hydrogen Technology equipment to help remove excessive carbon build up which could be causing the symptoms listed above. We will also give your engine a good Detox!